Should I Keep a Car Accident Diary After I Have Been Injured?

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It’s very important to keep a car accident diary after an auto accident. Memories tend to fade after a while. Sometimes accident victims suffer from loss of memory or amnesia for a specific time period and can’t remember everything.

If you were a car accident victim, you may swiftly become overwhelmed by your injuries, the stress of the accident, and the hefty medical bills. Your remedial procedure could take months or longer to complete, which means it could take even longer to settle your claim with the insurance company of the negligent driver. However, it is important to receive the compensation you deserve.

The most systematic approach—and the best way to support your accident claim—is to start making entries in a diary instantly after the accident and keep on making them (preferably once a day initially) until you recuperate from your injuries.

Reasons to keep a car accident diary

Car insurance companies and lawsuits rely on facts. Insurance adjusters might not give any weight to what you tell them. The adjuster will point out several discrepancies in your narrative and dispute your claim. From questioning the severity of your injuries to which party was at fault, the medical adjuster can contest every minute detail to refute your compensation. So those who note the details of their car crash are in a better position to claim for it.

Notes to include in the diary:

A detailed description of the crash

The time of the accident, names, and the number of people involved, the location, and how the accident took place.

Weather and visibility conditions.

Speed of the car

Witnesses involved- their name, phone number, and address

Any precaution that you took to avert the crash

The impact/injuries that you suffered

Any notable thing about the other party (if involved)

2. Your medical case history

One of the most important details that you should include in the diary includes your injury details and medicines. Mention details of the aid that you were given immediately after the accident.

3.The emotional trauma

External wounds may heal, but what about the internal scars? The pain, the stress, and the shock wave that jostled you up to your core? Make a note in your diary of all the emotional distress that you are undergoing.  Talk about the damage that you suffered emotionally and how it has changed your life. Recovering emotionally is a slow time-taking process.

4.Conversations with witnesses, agents, and other parties

Any conversation that you have with the other party or a witness could prove a valuable key for your case. Make a note of all conversations stating precise details in your diary. Adding irrelevant information could act against you. Mention the contact details of your witnesses.

Final thoughts

It is difficult to remember details of a car accident. And as time passes, the details become blurred. Besides, the human brain will make every effort to forget the traumatic incident.

In the event of a car accident, contact an attorney at Rafii & Associates, P.C. at the earliest possible to receive the best legal and medical aid so we can assist you towards a claim and most importantly, recovery.