Harassment (Non-Sexual)

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Harassment can occur in many ways within the workplace. Under California law, not only are supervisors and employers individually responsible for harassment, so are individual nonsupervisory employees. If you’ve experienced any form of nonsexual workplace harassment, you may be eligible for compensation.

Why Choose Us As Your Lawyer

At Rafii & Associates, P.C., we recognize that harassment is a stressful and upsetting experience for those who go through it. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to helping victims of harassment protect their legal rights. When you work with us to file your claim, you get a law firm that:

While harassment can be a difficult situation, having the appropriate legal help can increase your chances of having a successful claim. Reach out to Rafii & Associates, P.C. to schedule your consultation.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

To have a successful workplace harassment claim, you need to meet certain legally imposed deadlines. These statutes of limitations apply to both your initial complaint against the responsible parties and to filing a lawsuit after receiving your “right to sue” notice. Since missing these deadlines can mean denial of your claim, working with an experienced workplace harassment attorney can help you correctly file within these tight timelines. An attorney can also help you assess your claim, determine your rightful compensation, and help you stand on equal ground against your employer in a legal battle.

Nonsexual Harassment Laws In California

California has strict laws against sexual harassment in the workplace, but those actions aren’t the only ones that count as harassment. Any negative, offensive, or bullying actions are forms of harassment by state laws. Some common forms of nonsexual harassment include:

Damages You Can Recover

As a victim of workplace harassment, you may have experienced different circumstances that will impact what damages you can potentially recover. Primarily, you will be able to recover damages for the stress and mental pain and suffering you experienced because of the harassment. If your case also involves physical harm, you will be able to recover damages for any medical bills related to the harassment. As workplace harassment is a violation of California law, the court may also reward punitive damages to discourage further harassment in the future.

Reach Out To Rafii & Associates, P.C. For Your Harassment Claim

The first step in a successful workplace harassment claim is to gain the assistance of a skilled attorney. At Rafii & Associates, P.C., we are fully ready to help you protect your rights. Schedule a consultation for a free case evaluation to determine your best next legal steps.