Wage Hour and Overtime

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No matter which type of industry you work in, you deserve fair compensation for your time on the job. To help protect this right, California has very strict laws about how employees receive payment for any regular and overtime hours they work. Whenever employers don’t follow these regulations, employees are eligible to recover their lost wages through legal action.

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Wage and Overtime Laws in California

Depending on the number of employees, all California employers must pay their employees a minimum of $10.50 or $11 per hour as of 2018, with increasing wages over the next several years. If employees work overtime by performing work for more than eight hours a day or more than 40 hours within a week, they must receive one and one-half times their regular rate of pay. For hours worked more than 12 in a single day or hours over eight on the seventh consecutive day of work, employees must receive double their rate of regular pay.

Filing a Wage Claim in California

To file a wage claim, you will need to provide the labor commissioner’s office with all the relevant information for your case. This includes:

While your employer will have a record of your hours worked, keeping your own record can serve as evidence if your wage theft is occurring by changing your hours while processing payroll.

What Damages Can I Recover?

Since the primary concern in wage-hour and overtime cases is missing payments, most of your recoverable damages will be for lost wages. In some cases, adjustment of your payments can impact your benefits. You will also be able to recover compensation for any lost benefits incurred by improper wage and overtime payments. If the court decides it is necessary, you may even receive punitive damages for your claim.

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