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Countless product manufacturers are in business in the United States, and all of them have a legal obligation to make safe and effective products that perform as advertised. A consumer product should not impose a serious risk to an end-user with normal use, and manufacturers must include instructions for use and safety warnings with their products to warn of any associated risks and advise proper handling. When defective products cause injuries and other damages, manufacturers face liability for the resulting product liability claims. If you have been injured by a defective or otherwise unsafe product, contact a Los Angeles, CA product liability attorney at Rafii & Associates, P.C. to discuss your case. You may be eligible for significant compensation for your injuries.

Why Choose Rafii & Associates, P.C.

You may think that your case is open and shut, and you could save money on legal fees by handling your own claim. Most product manufacturers have in-house legal teams or keep powerful attorneys on retainer with seemingly endless resources. Attempting to file a lawsuit against a product manufacturer on your own limits your chances of success.

The personal injury attorneys at Rafii & Associates, P.C. have helped past clients secure more than $750 million for their damages in a variety of civil claims. Our team understands product liability law and has more than 75 years of combined experience handling civil claims in California. We keep the lines of communication open for our clients to provide the best representation possible for every client in every case.

Types of Product Liability

A product may be defective in three main ways:

It’s important for consumers to know the ways they may absorb liability for injuries caused by defective products. For example, many consumer products come with warranties, or guarantees, that those products will perform as intended for at least a certain amount of time. For example, a manufacturer may offer a one-year warranty for an item. If the item malfunctions or breaks with normal use, the manufacturer may replace it at no additional cost to the consumer.

Succeed With Our Los Angeles, CA Product Liability Attorneys

Contact Rafii & Associates, P.C. today to schedule a consultation about your product liability claim. If a defective product injured you, we can review your situation and let you know which types of compensation you could secure from a successful lawsuit.