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Many Californians enjoy bicycling for leisure, for exercise, or as an environmentally conscious alternative to commuting to and from work. While bicycles are fun and a great way to get around, bicyclists are inherently more vulnerable to serious injuries in an accident due to their lack of protection. If you were seriously injured in a bicycle accident, contact a Los Angeles, CA bicycle accident attorney at Rafii & Associates, P.C. to discuss your accident. You may be eligible for significant compensation for your losses.

Why Choose Rafii & Associates, P.C.?

The personal injury attorneys at Rafii & Associates, P.C. have extensive experience with personal injury claims in California. Our attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience handling civil actions for our clients, and over the years we’ve helped our clients secure more than $750 million in damages in a variety of cases. We believe in open communication with our clients and aggressive representation. When you hire a Los Angeles, CA bicycle accident attorney at Rafii & Associates, P.C. to handle your bicycle accident claim, you can be assured that our firm’s skills and resources will be at your disposal.

Some people may believe they can handle their own legal representation and save money on attorneys’ fees. While some plaintiffs have successfully represented their own interests in court in the past, this is very rare, and the average person does not have the time, training, or experience to meet the court’s strict deadlines and filing requirements. It’s likely that a plaintiff without counsel will have his or her case thrown out before it even reaches trial for an administrative error, or the plaintiff could overlook potentially viable channels of compensation.

Determining Liability in a Bicycle Accident

California follows a comparative negligence law that allows a plaintiff to recover damages even when that plaintiff is partially liable for his or her claimed damages. Bicyclists have the same responsibilities on the road as other drivers, as the law generally considers cyclists as drivers as well. Bicyclists should signal before turns and keep as far right as possible, except when preparing for a left turn. Cyclists can also avoid accidents by using bike lanes wherever possible and wearing appropriate safety gear, such as reflectors while traveling at night. Although California law only requires riders and passengers under the age of 18 wear helmets, wearing an appropriate helmet can significantly reduce your risk of a head injury in a bicycle accident.

Contact a Los Angeles, CA Bicycle Accident Attorney

A bicycle accident can result in catastrophic injuries, expensive medical bills, and prolonged pain and suffering during recovery. Some victims in bicycle accidents sustain permanent disabilities that may interfere with their ability to work. If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries in a bicycle accident in California, contact Rafii & Associates, P.C. today to schedule a case evaluation with one of our top rated bicycle accident lawyers. We can let you know your odds of success with your claim and the compensation you could expect if you win.