Whistleblower (Non-Qui Tam)

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When we think of whistleblower claims, we often think of qui tam cases where citizens file claims against fraud on behalf of the government. However, it’s also possible for citizens and employees to report any form of illegal activity. These non-qui tam whistleblowers play an important role in keeping organizations and employers responsible for their actions.

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As employment law attorneys, we at Rafii & Associates, P.C. work to protect the rights of workers from all angles of the law. Not only are we familiar with the federal and state regulations employers and entities must follow, we know how to help you file a whistleblower claim when you recognize that your employer is breaking the law. Our law firm:

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What Are Non-Qui Tam Whistleblower Suits?

The False Claims Act allows for private citizens to file claims of fraudulent behavior against the government. These cases are qui tam suits, allowing the citizen to act on behalf of the federal government. Any other reports and claims against a company or individual for violating the law in ways aside from fraudulent behavior are not qui tam cases, but they are still whistleblower suits. These claims can include actions like illegal dumping of toxic waste and accounting fraud by financial organizations.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Whistleblowers are important for keeping companies in check and ensuring that these entities follow proper regulations and laws. That alone can be enough for you to want to have the support of a skilled attorney so that you can increase your chances of having a successful claim.

Working with a California whistleblower attorney can also help you determine if your case is suitable for this type of claim before starting the process. He or she can also assist you with the correct filing procedures and understanding how these cases can differ from other claims against your employer.

When it comes to understanding your rights as a whistleblower, your attorney can work with you so that you understand what actions your employer can and cannot take in response to your claim. If your employer retaliates regardless of these laws, a lawyer can also help you establish your case to recover compensation.

Getting Help for Your Non-Qui Tam Whistleblower Claim

Getting the right help with your whistleblower claim can increase your chances of success in court, as well as help protect your rights. Rafii & Associates, P.C. is here to assist you with your case, and it starts with scheduling your free consultation.