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Many personal injury cases involve just one person pursuing compensation for negligence or other actions that have led to damages. However, sometimes one product or action affects many individuals, making it impractical for everyone to file their own individual lawsuits. In these cases, it becomes possible for the group to file a single class action lawsuit for all involved parties. Starting or participating in a class action lawsuit is a challenging process because of the complex legal matters involved. It’s in your best interest to work with a top-rated Los Angeles, CA class action lawyer from Rafii & Associates, P.C.

Getting California Class Action Assistance

If you have suffered injuries that may qualify for a California class action lawsuit, count on Rafii & Associates, P.C. to provide you with the legal help you need. Whether your case involves entering an existing class action or starting one, our Los Angeles, CA class action lawyers have the skills and experience necessary to fully assist your case. Work with a law firm that has:

If you believe you have grounds for a class action case, schedule a free case evaluation to learn your best next steps.

The Impact of Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits do more than allow for streamlining multiple individual claims into one lawsuit. Class actions also serve as a way for people who have experienced minimal damages that may not be worth filing an individual claim over to receive compensation as a group. They also allow people who share a common issue to stand against wrongdoings that impact many individuals while spreading litigation costs.

The Class Action Process

The class action process has many similarities to other personal injury claims, but other qualifications and procedures are unique to this type of case. The group of affected people (known as the “class”) must first file a claim and serve the defendant. To proceed, a court must certify the class, providing a clear indication of who is and who isn’t a member. Other requirements involve:

Upon certification, the pre-trial process can begin. If the court decides that the class does not fit the requirements to become certified, the case will stop without any further actions. Depending on the reason for not certifying a class, the members may still have other legal options available to them.

Why You Need a Los Angeles, CA Class Action Lawyer

Class action lawsuits are much more complex proceedings than other types of civil lawsuits. Aside from involving multiple people, becoming certified as a class can also be a legal challenge. A class action attorney in Los Angeles, CA can help you better prepare and begin a class action case than one individual attempting to represent the rest of the group and meet legal requirements. As a class action is usually against a larger entity, such as a corporation, having a skilled class action lawyer can help the members stand on even legal ground with the defendant’s attorneys.

At Rafii & Associates, P.C., not only are we familiar with all aspects of personal injury and employment law, but we have represented our clients in class action lawsuits. Whether your case starts as a California class action claim or you later discover that your case is eligible for inclusion in an established class, our skilled Los Angeles, CA class action lawyers can evaluate your case and help you through all steps of the process. To start your claims process, call us to schedule your free consultation today.