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Sexual assault is a serious crime, and California has strict statutes for punishing sex offenders. However, a criminal trial is not the only potential outcome of sexual assault – survivors have a right to file civil charges for the physical and mental damage their assailants caused. If you or a loved one is a victim of sexual assault, contact a Los Angeles, CA sexual assault attorney at Rafii & Associates, P.C. for a free case consultation.

Why Rafii & Associates, P.C.

While financial compensation can’t undo the act of sexual assault, it can provide survivors with a way to achieve closure and receive resources to help them on the path to recovery. The personal injury attorneys at Rafii & Associates, P.C. understand the impact sexual assault can have on survivors – that’s why we treat related civil claims with the seriousness and respect they deserve. As your Los Angeles, CA sexual assault attorneys, we:

Who Is Liable?

The perpetrator of sexual assault is always at fault for his or her actions – the fault never rests with the survivor. In court, the survivor can prove fault by establishing a preponderance of the evidence. Even in cases where the perpetrator believed that the other party had given consent, such as in cases of statutory rape, the perpetrator can still be liable for his or her actions.

If the sexual assault occurs in the workplace, California has strict liability laws for cases involving supervisor sexual harassment and assault. This means that the workplace is also liable for any actions taken by its supervisors, expanding the number of potential parties a survivor may seek compensation from. Both in and out of the workplace, other individuals that help facilitate or allow sexual assault to occur can also be liable.

Why Do You Need a Sexual Assault Attorney?

Sexual assault is a serious crime that has a serious impact on survivors’ lives. It can be an emotional challenge to file a civil case for sexual assault, as it puts survivors in a position where they must discuss the events of their assault and confront their assailants. Having the help of an experienced Los Angeles, CA sexual assault attorney provides someone who can continue work on the case and fight for a survivor’s rights, even when a survivor may not be able to do so for him or herself.

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Our Los Angeles, CA sexual assault attorneys work with compassion every step of the way, taking your situation into consideration and working with you to achieve the desired outcome for your case. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment today so that we can help you get the closure and compensation you deserve.