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While anyone can experience some difficulties in getting work done on the job, sometimes the issue is bigger than additional tasks cropping up or off days. When an employer or employee(s) engage in discriminatory actions that prevent you from fulfilling your work duties, they have created a hostile work environment.

Why Choose Us as Your Lawyer?

California law allows employees who have experienced a hostile work environment to file claims against the responsible parties, and Rafii & Associates, P.C. is here to help you with the process. Once you come to us for an initial consultation, we’re ready to evaluate your case and assist with your legal options. Our lawyers:

If you’ve experienced a hostile work environment, you have legal options. Schedule your free consultation today to start.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

To legally qualify as a hostile workplace, your case must include certain requirements. An attorney can evaluate your case to determine if there is a valid hostile workplace claim worth pursuing in a lawsuit. Additionally, if your employer reacts negatively to your claim and attempts to retaliate, an attorney can help protect your anti-retaliation rights under the law.

Definition of a Hostile Workplace

A hostile workplace occurs whenever supervisors and coworkers conduct behaviors that severely interfere with the completion of your work. This behavior must be discriminatory, such as comments about your religion or sexuality or sharing inappropriate photographs or messages. Any behavior considered as a form of workplace discrimination can contribute to a hostile environment.

What Damages Can I Recover?

A hostile work environment can create serious amounts of mental anguish and stress. You may be able to recover these damages in the form of compensation for pain and suffering, especially if stress manifests in mental and other health conditions, such as anxiety.

Since part of a hostile work environment involves significantly impairing your ability to complete your work, you may have also had financial consequences, such as missed raises or incomplete commissions. These damages can be recoverable as past and future lost wages and benefits.

California law takes hostile workplace environments seriously and may award you additional punitive damages for your claim, depending on the specific circumstances involved in your case. Your attorney can help you determine the applicable damages for your claim and support you in receiving a fair amount.

Stand Up Against a Hostile Workplace Environment

As a victim of a hostile workplace environment, you have a right to legal compensation. The attorneys at Rafii & Associates, P.C. are here to help you through the process by assessing your case, helping you meet state-set statutes of limitations for filing, and protecting your rights against your employer in court if necessary. Contact us to see how else we can help you recover your rightful compensation.