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Airbags are an important safety feature in vehicles meant to protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident. However, when airbags don’t operate as they should in a collision, it can lead to preventable damages. In such an event, you may have a right to compensation – and the assistance of a Los Angeles, CA airbag failure lawyer can help you recover it.

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The Consequences of Airbag Failure

Airbag failure can occur in many ways. When the airbag fails to deploy on time or at all, drivers and passengers can suffer from any number of injuries, such as severe head trauma, spinal cord injury, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and more.

Overpowered airbag deployment is another complication that, while it can potentially protect someone from other injuries, can cause damage by deploying too forcefully. In other cases, an airbag may deploy even in situations of a minor, or no impact whatsoever, injuring the person in deployment. Eye injuries and blindness are possible in these types of accidents.

Some of the injuries from airbag failure can have long-lasting or lifelong consequences for the victims. A failed airbag deployment can even lead to death. With such serious consequences, you deserve compensation for your damages – and the help of a Los Angeles, CA airbag failure lawyer can help you protect your rights.

Who Is Liable?

Most cases of airbag failure are a type of product liability case, where it’s essential to correctly determine and prove fault to recover compensation. In most cases, the liable party in an airbag accident will be either the automobile or airbag manufacturer, depending on the circumstances. If inspected the airbag or otherwise maintained or replaced it, that party may be liable for the accident as well.

In airbag failure cases, it’s entirely possible that multiple parties are liable for the accident. Hiring an airbag failure lawyer in Los Angeles, CA can help ensure that you can not only correctly identify the responsible parties for your claim, but also that you have the evidence to prove it in court.

When to Contact Rafii & Associates, P.C.

The potentially liable parties in an airbag failure accident are reason enough to hire an attorney to represent your claim. Manufacturers often have skilled attorneys on their sides to represent them during claims. Having a Los Angeles, CA airbag failure lawyer on your side will help put you on even ground, giving you a much better chance of navigating the legal system and successfully recovering compensation. If your injuries will have lasting consequences, an attorney can also help you correctly assess the value of your case and prevent you from receiving inadequate compensation from an insurance company settlement.

At Rafii & Associates, P.C., we understand the severe impact that airbag failure accidents can have on your life – and we want to help you on the path to recovery. Not only do we have the skill and experience to work with your case, but we’re also passionate about fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive fair compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one suffers damage due to an airbag failure, contact out airbag failure attorneys to schedule a free consultation today.