Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Los Angeles

When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, many employers have internal processes in place to allow workers to file valid claims or have their complaints formally and fairly investigated. Still, there are times when it’s best to turn to workplace sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles for assistance with your situation. Here’s a closer look at why seeking this type of guidance is important and beneficial.

Lack of Preparation Could Limit Future Legal Options

If your sexual harassment complaints are not receiving sufficient and proper attention by your employer, you have the option of taking your case to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In fact, this step is often required before you can pursue any civil actions. But if you do not have sufficient information or the right documentation to support your claim, you may end up with a denied claim or one that’s compromised. EEOC investigators may offer some assistance, but they are not workplace sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles with experience preparing and presenting evidence in a way that protects or preserves your options for future claims.


Poorly Drafted Charges Could Be Used Against You

There have been instances where employers cry foul if there is not sufficient evidence to support a sexual harassment claim. This is more likely to happen if a case is dismissed because the charges aren’t clearly spelled out or documented. In some instances, an employer may even use poorly drafted charges against you, which could make it next-to-impossible to regroup and continue with efforts to pursue your case. Workplace sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles have a solid understanding of all the elements of a claim of this nature. Therefore, they can provide the assistance needed to properly describe and document your allegations while also protecting your rights.

You May Have Other Legal Options Available

Sexual harassment could also involve discrimination and other actions that may require additional legal steps. For instance, if your employer purposely reduces your hours or demotes you to a lower-paying position while you are pursuing a sexual harassment case, you may be able to expand your case. Also, if assault was involved during one or more of the instances of harassment, you may be able to pursue a separate case.

Sexual Harassment Cases Can Be Complex

Sexual harassment claims sometimes come down to opposing points of view with regards to the circumstances involved. This could also be the case if the harassment was more subtle in nature or not observed by others. Fortunately, sexual harassment lawyers typically have experience with the many nuances that can be part of a case against an employer or specific co-workers, supervisors, managers, or other individuals associated with your job.

Finally, without assistance from workplace sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles, your case may not be fairly resolved. Your employer may, for example, refuse to settle or attempt to convince you to settle the matter for a lower amount than what’s considered fair given the circumstances. Lawyers, on the other hand, know how to negotiate settlement terms that are fair while also being equally prepared to pursue appropriate legal action.