Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorneys in California

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines sexual harassment as disruptive workplace behavior that includes unsolicited and unwelcome sexual advances and/or requests for sexual favors. Physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature also fits into this definition. Even after knowing what sexual harassment is, it may not always be easy to know for sure when to consider contacting a lawyer. Here are some of the signs that suggest you may benefit from assistance provided by workplace sexual harassment attorneys in California.

Sexist Behavior Is Observed

You can’t change how people in your work environment personally feel about people of the opposite sex. But what you can is contact workplace sexual harassment attorneys in California if you have unsuccessfully raised concerns about how sexist behavior is affecting your ability to be productive and successful at work. Examples include:

  • Male supervisors only promoting other men
  • Repeatedly being passed over for certain assignments because of your gender
  • Constantly defaulting to stereotypical roles – e.g., expecting the one woman on the team to make the coffee

Inappropriate Flirting Occurs

Some individuals may insist that what you might consider flirting is really meant as friendliness. However, it could raise to the level of harassment if it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. If you feel that a reasonable line between friendliness and flirtation has been crossed and your employer is doing nothing about it, sexual harassment attorneys in California can look at your situation and offer advice on how to proceed.

Positions of Authority Are Used Against You

It’s one thing for a supervisor or other higher-up individual to approach you about off-the-clock interactions in a casual, non-threatening manner and another thing entirely for them to use their position to coerce you into agreeing. For instance, your boss might ask if you want to have drinks after work while also reminding you that they will soon be doing your annual review. This is referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Inappropriate Contact Is Made

Harassment of this nature could include “accidentally” sending you personal photos of a suggestive nature or attempting to contact you on your personal social media accounts regarding non-work matters. Any type of unwanted communication or attempts at contact can be considered workplace sexual harassment.

HR Has Ignored Your Complaints

Being in a work environment where your employer’s HR department repeatedly ignores complaints regardless sexual harassment is also reason enough to see what workplace sexual harassment attorneys in California have to say about your situation. At the very least, you have a right to have your complaint investigated to determine if it is valid. An attorney can also provide assistance if negative action is taken against you for filing a formal complaint, such as demoting you to a lower-paying position.

There are some more subtle forms of sexual harassment they may also warrant attention from workplace sexual harassment attorneys in California. For instance, a co-worker constantly providing intimate details about his or her relationships or marriage could be considered workplace harassment if you’ve repeatedly requested not to hear about such details. A lawyer can help you determine how to proceed legally or attempt to reach an acceptable settlement on your behalf if you have a valid case.