Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Los Angeles

Most abuse of a sexual nature does involve some type of physical contact. However, there are lees direct forms of abuse of this nature that can be just as traumatic for a victim. Even if you aren’t fully sure if you have a case, it’s important to take the first step and see what sexual abuse lawyers in Los Angeles have to say about your situation. Below you’ll find some of the reasons why having lawyers specializing in sexual abuse on your side can be a much-appreciated asset.

Helping Define ‘Sexual Abuse’

As mentioned above, sexual abuse is sometimes more than just physical. Lawyers specializing in cases like this can determine if non-physical situations may be considered sexual abuse based on your unique circumstances. For example, constantly being exposed to sexual comments or suggestive language in a professional setting may be considered a form of sexual abuse. Being forced to willingly participate in sexual encounters because of fear or intimidation is another example of sexual abuse that may be less direct, although it can still be as mentally and physically impactful, especially if it has continued for a long period of time.


Collecting Evidence

When dealing with the aftereffects of sexual abuse, you’re not likely to be focused on securing evidence and taking other steps to put together your case. However, sexual abuse lawyers in Los Angeles know how to go about collecting doctors’ reports from physical exams and obtain other evidence that might include text messages and witness statements. This also gives you a chance to regroup emotionally without having to deal with the added burden of gathering and preparing important evidence. Such efforts may involve:

  • Reviewing related electronic messages
  • Obtaining reports from the police and other officials
  • Seeking input from medical or mental health experts

Clarifying Legal Options

Sexual abuse lawyers in Los Angeles know how to sort through the many issues that often apply to cases like this. This can help you develop a better understanding of your available legal options. For instance, you may be able to pursue a separate workplace harassment or discrimination case if you faced retaliation at your workplace for reporting sexual abuse that involved a superior or co-worker. It may also be possible to take legal action against individuals other than the alleged abuser, including others who may have known about the abuse without acting on that knowledge.

Providing Diligent Representation

Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to reach an acceptable settlement with a sexual abuse case. Sexual abuse lawyers in Los Angeles know to clearly present evidence and respond to counter charges or other allegations that are sometimes part of a contentious sexual abuse case. If a settlement isn’t possible, you can also receive diligent representation during court proceedings related to your case.

Sexual abuse lawyers in Los Angeles help both younger victims and adults. As for possible legal remedies, results can vary based on the circumstances involved. In addition to facing jail time, parties responsible in some way for the abuse may be required to cover a victim’s medical expenses and, for adults, lost wages resulting from a need for medical care and/or psychological counseling.