Product Liability Attorneys in California

When you buy something online, directly from a manufacturer, or from a local business, you have the right expect that whatever your purchase will work properly and be safe to use. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. While some product-related injuries can involve nothing more than minor scraps, cuts, burns, or bruises, some injuries can be serious and potentially life-altering. Below you’ll find some of the most compelling reasons to consider seeking assistance from product liability attorneys in California if a defective product has affected you in some way.

It’s Not Always Easy to Identify Responsible Parties

There are many individuals or companies that could be considered legally responsible if injuries occur because of a defective product. But it’s not always obvious who these parties are. Product liability attorneys in California know how to identify potentially responsible parties when evaluating such cases. This can be especially useful if there are multiple key players who were involved in such things as the initial product design and testing and the decision to market and distribute a faulty or unsafe product.


You Can Focus On Your Recovery

Injuries from defective products can be serious. For instance, a defective airbag could cause abrasions, contusions to arms, the chest, the face, or internal organs, wrist injuries, fractures, or cervical spine (neck) injuries. Recovering while also handling the various steps involved with pursuing legal action can result in added stress and anxiety, especially if you are getting pushback from opposing side lawyers. However, product liability attorneys in California can handle the details related to your case while you focus on healing and recovering.

You’ll Have Better Odds of Receiving a Fair Settlement

Many manufacturers, distributors, and businesses prefer to settle product liability cases out of court if possible in order to minimize negative publicity. There’s nothing wrong with having a desire to do so – as long as a fair settlement is negotiated. Product liability attorneys in California know how to take several factors into consideration when negotiating the terms of a potential settlement. These factors typically include:

  • The extent of the injuries sustained
  • Current and anticipated medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to product-related injuries
  • Pain and suffering

You’ll Be Helping to Protect Other Consumers

If you were injured by a defective products, other consumers may have the same product you were using, but they may not be aware of their risk of also being injured. By pursuing appropriate legal action, you can take comfort in knowing you could be protecting other consumers. And depending on the circumstances involved with your case, the resulting litigation could lead to a product recall or the pulling of the product from the market. At the very least, you’ll be increasing awareness of known flaws.

Even if you’re not fully sure about whether or not you have a case, it never hurts to talk to product liability attorneys in California to find out what legal options you may have available. It’s also important to have legal assistance since manufacturers, businesses, and other possible responsible parties tend to have significant legal resources at their disposal.