Auto Defects Accident Lawyers in California

It’s understandable to expect a car and its parts and accessories to work correctly. However, there are times when this isn’t the case. Defects and malfunctions can contribute to an assortment of injuries, some of which may be as serious as spinal cord injuries, severe fractures, deep cuts, or a traumatic brain injury. Auto defects accident lawyers in California have experience helping affected individuals with a wide range of vehicle issues, including the common ones discussed below.

Seat Belt Defects

What’s known as false latching is just one of several seat belt defects that may contribute to external and internal injuries. With false latching, a seat belt appears to be latched or secured. However, when an impact occurs, it comes loose easily. Auto defects accident lawyers in California can also help you explore your legal options if you experienced seat belt-related injuries due to:

  • Anchor failure
  • Accidental release
  • Seat belt webbing failure
  • Excessive slack

Brake Malfunctions

Approximately 300,000 of the 6 million car accidents that occur each year in the United States are due to brake malfunctions, according to some estimates. Auto defects accident lawyers in California can take steps to find out if a car’s manufacturer knew about brake issues that caused or contribute to your accident. If you purchased a car that was used, the seller could be held responsible if they failed to have the brakes checked or disclose what they knew about them.

Tire Issues

Tread and steel belt separation is an example of a tire defect that could contribute to serious or potentially life-threatening injuries. Improper puncture repair is another possible issue that could cause tires to contribute to an automobile accident or make the injuries sustained worse. A lawyer can also look for evidence of possible design flaws either the tire or auto manufacturer should have been aware of.

Airbag Problems

Ironically, defective airbags can also make a car unsafe should an accident occur or even contribute to one if they deploy unexpectedly. Head and brain injuries, fractures, neck trauma, and puncture wounds are just some of the injuries that could occur if airbags either fail to trigger or deploy with excessive force.

Child Car Seat Defects

Car seats, whether they are built-in or manually added, are meant to keep younger kids safe. But you may benefit from the assistance of auto defects accident lawyers in California if a car seat results in injuries or fails to provide proper protection. Faulty latches and buckles and faulty adjusters are among the more common issues with car seats considered defective in some way.

Problems with your car’s engine and other internal parts and even issues with your vehicle’s high-tech safety features are some of the other reasons why you may seek assistance from auto defects accident lawyers in California. With many cases involving personal injuries, settlements are often reached out of court. Having a lawyer on your side during this process can reduce the risk of receiving a low offer from insurance companies and legal representatives for involved parties in such cases, which typically include automobile manufacturers, dealers, and, in some cases, mechanics who worked on the affected vehicle.