Amazon Fulfillment Center Lawsuit

Off-the-clock work for non-exempt employees is prohibited under both state law and the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you are required to work off-the-clock, you may have a claim for damages and penalties. If your off-the-clock work would be overtime, you also have a claim for unpaid overtime wages.

Examples of “off-the-clock” work include:

  • Changing into uniforms and putting on safety equipment (“donning and doffing”)
  • Loading or warming up a work vehicle
  • Booting up computers
  • Going through safety checks
  • Working through lunch breaks
  • Pre- or post-shift meetings
  • Finishing work that “should have been finished” during the shift
  • Cleaning up or preparing/setting up (for instance, in a restaurant)
  • Dropping off equipment after a shift

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