Employment Law Attorneys in California

Employment law attorneys in California are prepared to offer assistance and advice to both employees and business owners. The main goal of any employment lawyer has is to ensure that anybody doing paid work is treated fairly while carrying out their duties. To give you a better idea of how you may benefit from the services offered by lawyers specializing in employment matters, here’s a closer look at some of the common tasks handled by employment law attorneys.

Pointing Employers In the Right Direction

Not every business owner has access to an in-house legal staff every time there is a potential issue that needs to be discussed or reviewed. This is when having lawyers to turn to on an as-needed basis can be beneficial. With the creation of employee handbooks, for instance, it’s not always easy to confirm that everything that needs to be addressed in today’s workplace environment is sufficiently covered in an employee handbook.

Employment law attorneys in California can look over your handbook to determine that everything that applies to your work environment, such as mandatory and optional workplace rules and steps involved with reporting issues to HR, is clearly and properly addressed. As en employer, you may also be given advice specific to:

  • Wage law issues and rights they need to be mindful of
  • How to structure your employment contracts
  • Matters involving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Offering Assistance to Employees

As an employee, you have certain rights that should be maintained in a professional setting. If, for example, you believe you may have been subjected to a form of workplace discrimination, employment law attorneys in California can determine if your rights were violated and help you take appropriate legal action. Similar steps can be taken if you were terminated without just cause. You may also have a valid wrongful termination case if you were contracted by a business to perform a specific task and the agreement was terminated in a way that violates stated terms – e.g., not specifically telling you why your services are no longer needed even if you were performing the required task as directed.

When Should You Hire an Employment Law Attorney?

Employers can potentially commit many different unlawful actions. Employers can also honestly become confused about how to ensure that everyone on their team is on the same page with expectations, boundaries, and various internal processes. Any time there is doubt about an employment-related matter on either side of the equation, it’s best to seek input from a lawyer. Employment law attorneys in California are capable of handling many different issues. In addition to the ones already mentioned, they can also offer assistance with matters involving:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Whistle-blower issues
  • Violations of your employment agreement
  • Being forced to sign an agreement that waives certain rights
  • Clear violations of state or federal employee protection laws

If you’re involved in a dispute with your employer or you are a business owner who wants to make sure you are compliant with current workplace safety regulations, employment law attorneys in California can provide appropriate guidance and assistance. At the very least, you can gain a better understanding of what options you have available during an initial consultation so you can make well-informed decisions.