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Staying Safe in Bad Weather When You are Riding a Motorcycle or Bike

One of the nice things about owning a motorcycle or a bicycle is the fact that you are never really dependent on public transit, even when the weather is bad. That fact alone can motivate people to keep on biking, no matter what the weather conditions are like. During the wet months, you may not… read more

Should I Keep a Car Accident Diary After I Have Been Injured?

It’s very important to keep a car accident diary after an auto accident. Memories tend to fade after a while. Sometimes accident victims suffer from loss of memory or amnesia for a specific time period and can’t remember everything. If you were a car accident victim, you may swiftly become overwhelmed by your injuries, the… read more

Driving in Front of an 18-Wheeler Can Be Dangerous

It is more common than not that you get caught in the blind spot of an 18-wheeler. It is important for drivers to know the blind spots of an 18-wheeler while driving. The 18-wheeler has three blind spots. The two lanes on the right of the vehicle, and one lane on the left of the… read more